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Yesterday I went live with the message from Spirit We are on Track & Be Prepared.
Tonight after the government speech about vax passports etc,we at last start on our journey that we have been preparing for all year with the help of my Guides.
Remember this is why we chose to come here at this time to fight this.
Keep your Vibrations High
Be Prepared
See through the Fear
We are being guided by Spirit
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Keeping vibes high. Xxxx

Fortunately I went live yesterday to give the message from spirit We are on Track & Be Prepared.
Tonight after Boris Johnson’s speech about vax passports etc, we are another step further on our path as to why we chose to come here at this time to fight this.
Keep your vibrations high
And more importantly See through the Fear
Spirit will guide us safely through this moment in history 💜
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I missed it Ann, what did he say?

1 day ago

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Yes they threw Hugh Grant off today as he told Boris to get stuffed with his jab 😂

It's getting harder and harder to wake up the vaccinated ones. It's also causing trouble in my family...

Spirit have all the knowledge and experience, we could ever ask for 🙏

I was just scrolling on live videos and you popped up, I’ve been struggling today so thought I would give you a watch I’m quite spiritual myself xx

I thought that would help. But, I just check out and in probably its my WIFI

Ohhh yaaay. I love a guided meditation 🥰 my brain wonders of I do it on my own.

She is a puppet on a string. Doing the higher up peoples work. She has been compromised she really needs to go now. I don't watch the news anymore cause it's all bogus.

It's sad at that level in the 21st century top politicians don't understand the spirit world and responsibility they have at that level.

Come off Twitter Ann as they are shutting everyone down on it xx

Yes please I'd love to get a msg from u. I'm very interested in you. Your just beautiful.

My auntie was a clairvoyant god rest her soul ❤️

I was scrolling and found your live on the Aotearoa (NZ) healers page.

Much safer having comments, as you can block people then xx

Yeah it’s not worth bringing onto live, especially it could be people who want to ruin your rep or someone who disagrees with something xx

The clock is ticking, countdown to Victory 🙏

Thank you Ann, thank you everyone for being here 🙏❤️

The word is definitely getting out Ann 🙏

I’m soo glad I bullied you/you grow every time xx

I had my eyes finally opened by Ann 🙏

It was brilliant on the cruise,

Fear is only in the Heart of those who don’t believe 🙏

I’m here -love your jumper xx

Yes Tim helped me get rid of low energy too

Ann is a High Priestess x

Lovely energy -welcome everyone 😘 xx

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Hello Everyone,my guide has asked me to go live tonight.
Going live at 7 pm UK time.
Hope you can join me 💜
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2 days ago

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Was a brilliant meditation thank you Ann and Everybody 🙏❤️🥰

The galloping on the horse wow!! I was really there . Such a free feeling

It was a great evening thanks, Very funny evening would have been great for us all to get together ❤️🙏

Did anyone else see yellow flowers with red centre’s? And a triangle

Serena Bailey I sent you message on messenger x

Mine was a piebald type, brown and white

I was riding a horse with someone else too

And a wonderful wellcome to everyone else ❤️

It was Amazing Ann 🤩😍

I’m back -very healing one tonight x

Yes pink light went up to sky

Saw mermaid but it had Lauren’s face on it lol 😂

Yes Ampay my crystal was hot also 👍

I was holding my crystals and they are glowing hot

Would be great on a zoom

I could also smell the sea air

That was beautiful Annie thank you 🙏🏾

He gave me a compass as a present . So random

Yes I did see amber lights

I saw him in a long dark robe

Yes he had a 🔱 trident

A blue stone with white markings

I saw a yellow robe or Gold

I’ll look it up Ann 🤞

Thankyou Ann xx

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Good Morning Meditation Monday
Tonight at 20.30 pm UK time.
Hope to see you all there💜
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I'm hoping I can get on to meditation with this account 🙏 💜

Remember everything we see play out in the next 18 months is there solely to wake more people up.
We have not seen anything yet.
Trust in spirit to guide us through
See through the fear
Happy Sunday💜
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Happy Sunday Ann xxx

Thank you. X val

5 days ago

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Im back. Sorry had to change at the start from phone to computer as phone not charging x

Does anyone on here have a ear ache today? Had awful pains in my right ear was very distracting x

Yeh still here 🙂 I came out a little when the second call came through, I thought my phone had kicked me out so went to check. But saw the tree and room before that and the clearing

Was a foggy one this morning. Yeh all cleared 🙂

Night all 🙂 see you Monday. I'm ok 8.30 if you are planning one

I’ve moved house it’s been manic

I’m not organised everything is still in boxes 🥴

Glad it's Friday 😂 busy week!

Sorry have to dash, thank you all see you soon x

Can we lay down to do this

Think ive been quite down today

We only did a few houses. Too dark

This week



I struggled sorry

Evening x



I'm back x


All ok 🙂

Ann the dragon was following us along the parth before we got to the tree and then were in the tree x

It was a great ann I also saw a bold man with one shoulder robe ? X

Yes it all slots in ann z x

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Sorry I’m going to have to change the time of the meditation tonight from 7 o’clock to 8:30pm
Sorry for the inconvenience but you must get as many people as we can to do this💜
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Sorry, Ann, but I have a fever since yesterday evening. I do not think I will be able to join our session. But, will send my light to our group❤. We need to hold the dam🙂

Will try be back from leafletting x

Meditation Friday tonight at 7pm UK time.
Hope you can all join me if you can💜
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7 days ago

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Get a solar battery backup pack for keeping your phone charged.

Had a lot to go through even my medication isn't knocking me out there's been a lot of big bangs going on in Wales

We knew this was coming, segregating, the sides are being drawn.

Water purifiers too for outdoor water collection is an idea

Think it’s better to aim for then anyway- better early than late

I was thinking about this- some mediums are living through victim mode I’ve noticed

Everyone get to Aldi -stock up and water so cheap there !!!

My son bought me food and water distiller had shock when I seen what was at the bottom the water taste absolutely different. You can use charger for phones as well.

Someone on a group did just turn up at a theatre and said they don’t comply and they went in but bet it depends who is on door x

They are short staff because Jib jabs are on sick. Carry a permanent marker seen video dot on code fall apart. 🤣

Yes look up solar radio with light and solar battery charger on Amazon everyone

No, do not have kids fortunately. Fortunately to not have in this time. But a Dutch saying: you can carry the heavy load, you will not been giving more load❤

Good morning just got out of bed waking up through night. Xx

Morrison’s is a no as they won’t pay sick pay to non vaccinated staff if they get COVID

We have lived this long no fear shine your light people see it now. ♥️

Heavy going ... at the moment but we just keep shining our LIGHT 💫💫💫

I haven't bought the filter yet I need to x

Thank you so much, sorry I am always delayed. Much love to everyone 🙏💜

You are tired but surrounded by white energy today 😘xx

Enjoy your day and good luck at the theatre

Take Care everyone get all you need ❤️

I have the zero water filter

No- it’s preparing. No fear here 🙌🏽

I understand the excitement

Yes, you say my name right.

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1 week ago

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What's amazing is that more people are waking up and know if all propaganda x

They will tighten the thumb screws but people won't comply x

Must be the Chief. I had a hard moment an hour ago. I really think I need to be prepared to leave.

And leave all the good behind. But, I got trough that moment. And I know I feel which people are good and bad, I can feel that spiritual. So, I will not run away unguided 👍. Thanks.

Im really well, thanks x

Hi Annie xx

Hello 👋 x

Thank you x


The tide is turning x

Definitely x

Send someone else 🤣🤣🤣

But, I have vaccinated friends. They can buy food for me. Can you write us a message with what we need to buy as you said: candles, food, why a water filter? Can't we drink any tapwater anymore? Can you please give us a list what we need to buy.

Love theclight shining on your head!

Me too

You did amazingly ann get it out there if you can we should 🙏🥰

It's water im not off top of yet but I will be at the end of this month fingers crossed x and batteries xx

Having said that I also am noticing the change in people writing about being silly now so although those few are still angry alot more are turning xxx

Have you all noticed that those still not seeing are angrier this year though ?

I am afraid they will mandate vaccination in my country. If not, you get a fine. I am thinking of running away. As some Jews did in the 2nd WW.

😂😂😂 Ann you make me laugh love it bless you 🥰

I'll have a dig about 🙏🥰

Hi 👋 🥰

Yes there is ann

Thank you Ann its always great to see you live xxx your messages are always brilliant 🥰🙏

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1 week ago

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I got a wooden heart shaped trinket box painted black with white marks on it

I saw my ex there too. How strange. I waved him goodbye along the River and he walked away

I know I am hot haha ! Thinking of turning down the heating

Strange enough I was holding a gift but I never found out what it was

I thought of dice when I asked for a gift.

A ladies catch up here in amsterdam

I stepped out of the canu earlier. To go to my dad.

Good evening everyone xx

Was soo cosy in the tepee

My gift was a caged bird today

Yes Tracey I didn’t want to leave anymore either

Love Amsterdam, great city x

Bye everyone have a good evening see you all again soon x

Gift was a pumpkin!!!!

Hello I'm back cat is disturbing me!

Sent energy to Germany today

We see your writings (note book)backwards.

I really want to go back to A

Saw amber jewellery

Thank you Annie and all x

Was magical and sending love to everyone 💜

Oh, nice, you are there

I put mine in the Amazone rainforest

Yes thanks only met friends x

Good bless everyone x

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Meditation Monday tonight at 8:30 UK time.
Hope you can all join me 💜
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1 week ago

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I've read that cooking with certain herbs can protect you from spiritual attack too

I have heard a few talk about Lemon Myrtle tea as well.

I wonder why you can't see my messages 🤔😔 can anyone else see me.?? Xxx

Have a lovely day everyone.T

Sorry best go get ready now. Will be in touch x

Not too bad, no snow here😕 we don’t really get it..

I will send you both reiki 🙏xx

Diamond Crystal is the only way x

Thankyou Ann x

Good morning x

Hello all


Morning x

Morning x

Need help

Hey! I am great! X

Diamond cr

Fine thanks!

Morning ♥️

It's like lifting the veil! Xx


Morning 🙂

Hi Ann, good morning!😄

Sorry not been on for a while xx

🙈🙈🙈🙈 I've just realised you weren't love when I watched 🙈🙈🙈🙈

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Good Morning, I will be going live today at 9 am.💜 ... See MoreSee Less

Remember with the news that has been announced this evening comes Fear.
Raise your vibrations High and See through the Fear.
Remember we all chose to come onto the earth plane at this time to fight this
This is our destiny
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So refreshing to see someone say plane,not planet 😉😁

Annie Lyndsey Medium totally agree .We have to all keep spreading good vibrations and waking people up xx

Hi I haven't seen the news what have I missed.? Xx

2 weeks ago

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Ooo you'll have to tell me what he looked like later, you were holding a baby tonight x

I couldn't see my guide tonight for some reason. The box was closed.

I saw a pond with fish as well for some reason

Good night all, stay safe x

My guide said tonight 'all is not lost'

I could see a fairy in the flame

Can't wait to see where we're going tonight x

I’ll look up what I saw amd post as usual on here 🙏

My gift was a live rabbit

Outdoors running called off

Weather made it not possible tonight

Who are your favourites now 😂

I’m able to make it yes

Thank you Ann, and every one else ❤️🙏

A horse and dragon, No gift

Yes I did feel my spirit guide

I'm back x

I’m back 🙏❤️

Yes ❤️



Thought of a gold box as a gift


Natasha be 5 mins


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Meditation Friday tonight at 7 pm.
Hope you can all make it to raise the energy 💜
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2 weeks ago

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When you asked us to go above the circle the energy was almost like heat was all blurry and different colours

Tell everyone you stood in front of a Entity today Spirit High Priestess x

I saw something- before you said there was a fire I saw a circle in the ground and light coming up from beneath

The need to follow your spiritual path is what it says it means if the grey wolf comes in a meditation wow 🤩

I heard Ryan singing in the hallway -and was so deep thought he was there for a minute

Not so much a word but like a feeling of telling us to remember

The sky was so beautiful, did anyone see the shooting star on our journey back?

Thank You Annie and everyone it was wonderful to sit and connect amazing ...... 💫🤍💫

Just grabbed my first cup of pine needle tea 🍵 😁💫

I saw the most beautiful hanging crystals from the roof , the goblet was silver then turned to glass ... I was aware of very tall beings all around us ....

Yes firmly on there , loved it great energy my gift a silver solid feather 🪶 very peaceful and the 🌟 were amazing ....

I'm off to get some more pine needle tea 🍵 before bed 🛌 😴 sleep well 🤍💫🤍

Think it's from River a very strong sign from him , I saw 🌟 shooting , I could see my breath in front of me and I could hear the crunching of the snow under my feet .... the wolf just before you saw it x

Not as much as normal. It kept freezing tonight for me so logged in and out a few times.

Are you really live? Wow I’m lucky must have been meant to be

I’m just to happy to join you

He’s got a good voice though 😂

Yes that is the word Arthur said to me by cave

No willow the wisp but how amazing is meaning of wolf

Yes sound vibration bowl is healing ❤️‍🩹

Grey wolf means -spiritual freedom

It tried freezing you when you mentioned it !!!

We have! I’m glad too- thank you for having me 🥰

That was beautiful- thank you so much 😊

I’m back but I wanted to stay there x

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